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This survey is for people who are early in their careers and measures the characteristics that lead to success in most professional settings.

This survey measures the leadership skills of those whose primary job it is to direct and manage people in teams, work groups, or departments.

Designed for senior leaders, this survey measures competencies that favor collaboration and consensus building.

Provides feedback to teams that can help improve performance and increase member satisfaction.


Thank you for visiting the G360/Navigators talent development page where you can purchase our 360 degree assessments for $100 ($50 for the assessment + $50 for us to administer the survey). Just return the signup spreadsheet that's sent to you when you make your purchase with the following information:

  • First and last names of the people being evaluated. For a team survey, list all the members.
  • Email addresses of those being evaluated
  • Survey types (see left side bar)
  • Start and end dates for the assessment (we recommend 3 weeks in duration)
  • An email address to send the report or reports to

You can pay by credit card by first choosing the number of surveys you are purchasing. Once we get your order, we'll launch the survey(s) on the start date you provide us with. At that point, the person being evaluated will get an email inviting them to submit the names and email addresses of the people providing feedback. The report will be generated a few days after the end date. Thanks!


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NOTE: You can create your own G360 account to purchase survey credits and launch your own assessments by signing up on our home page. Just email us at support@g360surveys.com so we can apply the Navigator discount (78%) to your account. You can also use our Pulse Surveys which allows the person being assessed to launch their own assessment (see webpage for description). They will need to use the promo code Gcvk75 to download a report for the discounted price of $25.