by g360talent
Career Booster

Created by a university professor with 20+ years experience preparing students for the world of work, the G360 Career Booster is an easy-to-use, self-administered survey built on the same platform as our world class 360 degree assessments. Users launch their own polls and get feedback from those who know them well in order to develop the skills and habits that will help them succeed. Give your friend, family member or coworker the gift that can really make a difference. Click on "Buy Now" to download a coupon voucher to place in a gift box or stuff in a stocking.

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How It Works

After registering for an account, users complete a brief self-assessment. Then, they send a link to family members, friends, and coworkers via text or email asking them to answer a few questions about them. After three days, they get an email inviting them to review the results. It’s that simple.


Results are presented in a downloadable PDF report with concrete feedback and embedded resources for improvement. Users get three specific types of feedback:

  • A word cloud that includes three identified strengths from each of the people who provided feedback.
  • Scores on eight core competencies that are related to personal success (dependability, work ethic, initiative, respect for others, communication, collaboration, learning orientation, optimism).
  • Specific comments on what they are doing well and what they can do to improve.

When users click on the various competencies in the report, they get access to development resources such as books, videos and suggestions on how to improve in those areas (see sample report).