G360 Performance Matrix

Our assessments measure 16 core competencies grouped within four main categories.

G360 Performance Matrix

Easy to Administer

Surveys can be launched in as little as five minutes. For enterprise customers, you can literally launch hundreds of surveys at the click of a button. The admin portal contains resources about best practices, coaching scripts, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Intuitive Reports

Feedback reports are designed to be interpreted by the end user. Graphs are easy to understand with scores that are compared to national norms so users can see how they measure up to others in a similar role. The administrator has the option of sending the report directly to the end user or to a coach.

Embedded Training

We don’t leave you on your own after you get the results. Feedback reports include links to videos, books and development tools so users can make meaningful and lasting changes. Users get a virtual coach to give them guidance and help them create a personal development plan.

Survey Options

This survey measures the 16 most important characteristics for success in most professional settings. It’s perfect for  early career professionals who want to know how others perceive their personal qualities, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, and leadership skills. > more

This survey measures the leadership skills of those whose primary job it is to direct and manage people in teams, work groups, or departments. Ideal candidates are supervisors, project leaders, managers, and directors who are actively involved in supervising others on a day-to-day basis. > more

Designed for executives and not-for-profit leaders, this survey measures competencies that favor collaboration and consensus building. Given the fact that most organizations must continually adapt and change, this survey helps senior leaders develop the skills that keep their organizations competitive. > more

Physicians and nurse managers can have a significant influence on the culture in healthcare settings which impacts patient outcomes and satisfaction. The Physician and Nurse Manager Surveys provide feedback to clinical leaders to help improve team productivity and reduce turnover. > more

Provides feedback that helps improve team performance and increase member satisfaction. Each member receives a Team Member Report for personal feedback as well as a Team Assessment Report that identifies the team’s strengths and weaknesses. > more

Custom Surveys

We can help you define the most important leadership competencies for your company and then create a customized 360 degree assessment that aligns with your talent development strategy. We can also design leadership development programs to reinforce those skills.