Feedback is the key to development.

Our 360 degree surveys give people the information they need to succeed.

An Integrated Approach

G360 assessments are at the foundation of all of our development resources. They can be used alone but work best in conjunction with our workshops and coaching.

  • Delivered by world class university professors, our leadership academies are powerful catalysts for leadership development and career success.
  • For those that want to maximize their 360 degree experience, we offer individualized feedback coaching to accelerate growth and development.


“My experience with G360 Surveys has been completely positive in every case; the feedback provided through this tool is extremely powerful! I have personally observed participants leverage the insights gained to better themselves.”

Adam Wehner
Nissan Corporation

“G360 transformed the entire curriculum for Ohio State’s Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program. The simplicity of the tool and the practical results enhanced the ability of our students to give and receive candid feedback.”

Edward Pauline
Ohio State University

“The G360 survey process has been transformative for our leadership team. Difficult conversations become collaborative investments in personal development that left my team energized and motivated to improve.”

John Burchfield
Legility, LLC

“Our leadership team turned to G360 after realizing we were in a leadership ‘dip.’ The online tool is simple, easy to use, and provides extraordinary, visual feedback. Of all the tools we’ve used, this has been the most rewarding.”

Ernest Perry, Jr.
HandsOn Central Ohio

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